Bikes placed near the Mickelson Trail sign

Mini-Mick 72K Trek

The Mini-Mick Trek is presented by RABBIT BICYCLES of the Black Hills, LLC and permitted by the USFS. It is the Black Hills 1st Annual Ride along the Mickelson Trail with 25% of proceeds going to the Make a Wish Foundation in Rapid City, SD.

The Mini-Mick Trail Trek is a 72k, 36k or 20k ride along the Mickelson Trail starting at Hill City, SD; Rochford, SD; or the Mystic Traihead. Riders will have an opportunity to take a break at Rochford or Mystic, where light food and beverages will be offered. All Riders will end up at our Rabbit Bicycle Shop in Hill City, SD. Please see the race information page to choose your ride. Riders will have the option of choosing their ride on the registration page of our website. Pricing will change based on the ride in which you will be participating.

Equipment/Items You Will Need

Course Information

The 72k Trek starts and finishes in Hill City, SD at the Rabbit Bicycle Shop. The trek will be on the Mickelson Trail starting in Hill City, across from the historic 1880 Train. Riders will experience a slight incline from Hill City to Mystic. Riders will see and experience the scenic ride through the heart of the Black Hills on a smooth, gravel trail. Tunnels, pondersa pines, and wildlife will be just a few of the sights riders will see while winding their way to Rochford. The ride from Hill City to Mystic is 12.4 miles. Services offered at Mystic TrailHead are parking, restrooms, and drinking water. The ride is quiet and soothing from the Mystic Trailhead; a perfect reward for a small effort of travel. The trail follows Rapid Creek and road 231 to the historic mining town of Rochford. With one bar with food; gift shop; bathroom facilities; cool water; and parking, Rochford is a welcome sight for thirsty riders. Rochford was once a booming mining town boasting gold deposits similar to its northern neighbor; the Homestake. The ride from Mystic to Rochford is 7.69 miles.

Riders will then turn around from Rochford and head back to Hill City.

The starting elevation in Hill City is 4,984 ft. The max elevation is 5,662 ft.

The 36k Trek

The 36k Trek that will also be offered for our bicycle riders will begin in Rochford and end in Hill City. The total distance is 22.39 miles. Riders will experience different elevations on a packed gravel surface. Shuttle services will be offered to riders to Rochford. Please refer to the registration form to mark the trek you would be interested in. Both rides offer riders a challenge while exploring the beautiful Mickelson Trail.

The 20k Trek

The 20K Trek will start in Mystic and riders will finish in Hill City. The Mystic Trailhead is located 12.4 miles north of Hill City on Mystic Road. This is the former location of a mining town that was called Sitting Bull and renamed Mystic when the railroad came through. Some of the old buildings still remain in Mystic. Our aid station will be located here to assist riders on the way back to Hill City, SD.

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